Best Free 3D Design Software

Best Free 3D Design Software India 2021

Nowadays, making 3D design has become way more cautiously and cheaper than it use to be. These modern best free 3d design software has made it much easier to create astonishing designs in no time. 

There was a time when creating 3D designs was robust work to do. You would have required expensive software and omnipotent hardware to run the software, but no longer. In this generation, you will get plenty of laptops with great graphics and compelling software. To run every app smoothly and effortlessly.

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Even using that expensive software once required special lessons and trainings, but no longer here is a list of software that will neither necessitate any recitation nor you will have to spend money for training.

We have categorized this list of Best Free 3D Design Software into three different groups, First the beginner, second intermediate, third and the last professionals. We have spent a lot of time creating this list, so we have roundup almost everything in this blog.  After reading it, you won’t have to waste any of your time on other blogs.

Software for Beginner

3D Slash

Graphic design software

3D Slash is the best and very easy to use software for the beginners. With more usage and giving time to it will increase your knowledge and skills. 3D slash also lets you import and customize the existing designs.

This software has a very different approach for creating 3D models. In 3D Slash, you won’t look the folkloric features like extrusion, revolution, and many more. The software has a complete modeling design based on cuboids and can be divide into smaller units of the same size.

The software starts from free, but you will have some limitations. You can enjoy the free pack during the learning stage and, once you have proper knowledge about the software, you can take the subscription with just $2 per month. You will also get tutorials that will help you to understand the software even better.

Download 3D Slash now



It is not correct to place this under the beginners list, as many intermediates and working professionals use this software for creating astonishing 3D designs. The software is well-liked for its visualizations and planning.

The only factor that makes the software best for beginners is its tidy and beginner-friendly interface. Making it very easy to use, and it is also a reason SketchUp is so well-known among beginners. The software lets you create 3D models just in few hours because of the high-end tools in it.

SketchUp is very appropriate for designing visualization we, feel it may be considered the best software for 3D design. The continued growth in the number of downloads making the developer make the software even better every day.

The software is free for personal use and offers a storage space of ten GB. You can expend it by purchasing the shop tier for $10 per month. SketchUp even has different variations available with different price segments.

Download SketchUp now

Software for Intermediates


3d design

Blender is a software that is used, by both intermediate and professional designers. The tool allows you to create exalted animated films, visual effects, arts, and many other things. Blender offers a different variety of features like – texturing, material simulation, video editing, tracking the camera, and many more. In short, it is a high-end tool for creating 3D designs.

This tool has many great features, and as you know, you get great things at some cost. Even though this software is free to use, it has even more features that you can unlock by paying a certain amount of charge.

Download Blender now

ZBrush Core Mini

 Free 3d design software

ZBrush Core Mini is the latest version of the CAD scene, based on the popular free program. It is used by a wide range of intermediates to make 3D designs without spending much energy or time. The software is very simple to use and also easy to master.

The software has many features that will help you get great results if you have prior knowledge in creating 3D images. Most important of all the software is free to use, you won’t have to spend any money on it. If you are interested in learning digital sculpting instead of traditional 3D CAD modeling, then this is the correct software to get started with.

Download ZBrush Core Mini now

Software for Professionals

3ds Max

Best Free 3d design software

3ds Max is the most choose software among all by the professionals for creating 3D models. It is mostly used by visual effect artists and videogame developers, as it is very complicated to use but little training and continuous usage of the software will give really astonishing results. It has a wide range of features to offer for its users.

3ds Max has its own scripting language which makes it unique from others. If the features in the free version are not enough for you then you can take the subscription and enjoy a bundle of features.

If we say about 3D modeling then 3ds Max can create parametric and natural objects with polygon and other surfaces. 3ds Max is one of the best modeling software in the market if you have enough amount of time to spend on it.

The software has both free and paid versions, usually the professionals use the paid version to get a wider range of features.

Download 3ds Max now


Design softwares

Rhino is a very high level of 3D modeling software that is mostly used by the Computer-abet manufacturers and in other types of engineering and various industries. It is a software for experts with several years of experience.

It is a very complicated software, but even if you are not a software developer you can use the software with the help of a tool named Grasshopper, it helps you to generate algorithms without writing codes.

Rhino mostly focuses on creating mathematically correct representations. The software uses the geometry based on NURBS models.

This software is fully paid there is no free version available. Rhino cost $995 for lifetime license, but it is a complete package for the peoples looking for the best and high-level 3D modeling software.

Download Rhino now

This was the list that of software for creating the Best Free 3d design software. The list is completely based on the research performed by us if you find any errors or have any suggestions then feel free to comment or contact us.

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