Top 5 Email Marketing tools

Top 5 Email Marketing tools in 2021

Marketing trends have evolved alot over time. Many trends come and go rapidly, but one channel has remained the same that is email. Infact email marketing continues to be the top channel for content marketing with both B2B and B2C. Many small businesses ignore this aspect and complaint for not growing
So let’s first see what exactly an email list is. An email list is a special list of names and email addresses of people that allow you to send them updates about your business. We have provided you with top 5 email marketing tools in 2021

In 2021 having an Email list is an asset and therefore from many large companies like Nykaa, Myntra to small companies like a startup all focus on E-mail marketing. It is a cost effective marketing strategy for email businesses plus it is easy to manage.
Because of Email marketing you built a personal touch with your customers.

There are many reasons that why you should prepare or focus on your email list.

• These are personal, there is no ranking system that let you to interact with your customers

• It will let you built personal connection and trust with your audiences.

•More and more people check their email inboxes on daily basis this is why every smart business definitely focus on their email list.

•Emails are purposeful and therefore you convey your purpose to the Audience in a very personal way.

• We have seen many social media platforms getting banned in the past but have you ever heard that anybody’s personal email list got banned, I believe the answer is NO and this is the main advantage of an email list over social media platforms.

For building a successful Email list you require several necessary things like a blog or a website, an email marketing service, and several high converting freebies for your audiences.
Now that we have already discussed the importance of email marketing, things required to build an email list and it is better than social media. But if a business chooses the wrong E-mail tools its results are exponentially bad therefore it’s important to choose the best for your business.  Let’s see the top 5 email marketing tools for your business.


 marketing tools
Top 5 email marketing tools

It is one of the most renowned email automation platform and it is very beneficial for small business because it is free of cost. It is very easy to use with handy drag and drop visual editor, it also has readymade templates.One of its amazing feature is its free-forever CRM. Once you start an account, you get access to both tools so you can create a single centralised contact database, organise, manage and track email performance.


mailchimp email marketing tools

Mailchimp is the leader when it comes to email marketing tools. As It provides free basic email marketing features such as email creation and scheduling. It has a smart recommendations feature through which you can have valuable audience insights because of which you can optimize your marketing efforts. You can design content using its content manager, where files and images can be stored. It has a email automate feature which is very important from starting to ending of a buyer’s journey. It lets you send welcome mails, abandoned card reminders, order confirmation and many more features.


email marketing tools
Mailjet comes with collaborative tools which can help you build effective email marketing campaigns. It has various features like an unlimited number of contacts, real-time email tracking, A/B testing, advanced statistics plus it has an integration with over 75 platforms and apps. It has a great pricing feature in comparison with other mail providers. You can also do integration of the platform with the CRM and easily manage your mailing list and as a result, you can manage it through a single dashboard


benchmark marketing too

Benchmark email is a great option for email marketing tool to design responsive emails that look great no matter which device they have viewed on. You can add image and cam edit the image on the platform. It has many pre designed industry based templates. It has more features like code editor, list management, inbox checker, mobile views, polls and surveys, follow up email, contact list automation, subscriber onboarding. It’s email dual view feature simplifies the whole email creation process.


Moosend marketing

Moosend is an amazing email marketing tool which allows you to automate repetitive tasks and saves your time. You can design email campaign based on your subscribers information activities. The tool provides with the detailed report of your campaign to get some better results. It is from one of the email marketing tool that does not include it’s logo in the emails.


Top 5 email marketing tools

These are the top 5 email marketing tools as per our research and observations.

Most of these Email marketing tools comes with free and robust features in which there isn’t any requirement to have paid plans. These plans save a lot of time as we as money and helps your business to grow. 

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